A special Sunday at St. Timothy’s yesterday🙏🏽🙏🏽😍
The black history month was celebrated yesterday, Sunday the 19th of February,
and the  African Chorus led the service!!!                                                                                                    Big congratulations to you all for the wonderful service we all enjoyed.
The spirit of God was in our midst🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
The uplifting, joyful music 🎹🎼🎺🥁🪘& the meaningful message left us all in awe.
The yummy food made everyone feel home❤️


A Joyful Sunday at St. Timothy’s🙂. Our Sunday school kids presented the Christmas pageant 2022, A New Star.🤩
They did a great job sharing with us the Christmas story & sang beautiful hymns.
Big thank you to our Christian Education committee & the Sunday school teachers for making this service a big success

Third Sunday in Advent. We lit the candle of joy. Great participation by many gifted and dedicated people.

Tuesday, December 6 was another joyful event at St. Timothy’s.
Special Christmas program was enjoyed by everyone. It was great to see some long – time – no – see members.
Christmas carols were led by Molly Olshefsky &Mike Powel . Rev. Reine served communion and all had fun chatting and visiting over coffee & cookies.

Church is fun🤩!!
After the service on December 4, some of our Kids & their families had fun decorating their gingerbread houses while listening to Christmas Carols🎄🎄🎄
All enjoyed the yummy pizza & had a wonderful time singing & dancing.

O come, O come, Emmanuel,
This is how our first Sunday in the Advent season started at St. Timothy’s. Our talented musician Karen Abboud played on her violin the tune of this hymn while we listened to an inspiring meditation preparing us for welcoming our Lord. The Ginting family led the call to worship and lit the candle of Hope. The joyful Noise Team along with our organist performed a beautiful hymn “ Hope is a star”.
Rev. Reine, Molly O. and Kelvin L. led us with a great message reflecting on the Story of Hope that goes back hundreds of years ago, and invites us to look forward to the future in anticipation.
It was a pleasure to have Rev. Tom Hamilton taking part in the communion service.
Advent blessings everyone

On November 19, 2022 St. Timothy’s family was busy having their Church Bazaar. Everyone worked hard with a sprit of joy and excitement to exhibit their goodies. Many people from the church & community joined and enjoyed a time of shopping as well as a meaningful fellowship with others. A Yummy meal was enjoyed by all.

Big thank you goes out to all those who made our Bazaar a big success.


Reformation Sunday, the time when we reflect on what happened on the 31st of October 1517, when the German monk Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg was celebrated during our worship service at St. Timothy’s on Sunday October 30, 2022. We took a journey of learning and meditation using the vehicle of the Five Solas.Five members of our church family took parts in the scripture readings, and reflections explaining each Sola. The congregation joined in singing beautiful hymns from the spirit of the reformation.The highlight of our Sunday was the children Story Time where we had Mr. Martin Luther himself as our guest speaker.

On Sunday, October 23rd, the four sons of Helen Otimbili and Michael Orock were baptized in a special service. A joyous celebration, which the congregation was invited to join, took place after the service. Congratulations to the entire family at this happy time!

Congratulations to Frederick and Christiana Acheampong on the baptism of their lovely baby daughter. She was introduced to our Sunday School children after the baptism was performed. A joyous time for St. Timothy’s.

On a beautiful September Sunday, baby Josiah Acheampong, son of Samuel & Gifty, was baptized during our morning service. Congratulations to the family, it was a joyful, blessed event.

St Timothy’s celebrated Mission Sunday on September 11th with special music, prayers and information about the different ‘Mission’ projects our congregation has supported. Our guest speaker, Jake Harding from the Ottawa Mission, gave us an overview of the many programs the Ottawa Mission supports. We were very impressed by the scope of work and support they provide! After the service everyone enjoyed a barbeque with corn and hotdogs.

SEMOH Cameroon: Our Mission and Outreach Committee recently received information from one of our members that his home church in Cameroon had approached him for help. There are 50 widows in their congregation who receive no government support and have no money to feed their children. When a husband dies the family is left without any means of support. A donation of $55 per lady could help them start a new business or reinforce an existing business to provide them with an income. Our generous congregation donated enough money to provide all 50 widows with $55 each. This is part of the wonderful thank you letter that they sent:

“We had a meeting a month after the money was distributed and the testimonies from these ladies was tearful: One of the ladies, a widow with 6 young children tearfully said: “…who said God is not real… for people far away in a country and community, who have never seen us, or come to Cameroon… to support us with our families…make it possible me to run a small business and feed my children is a miracle…there are still good people in this world… thank God for this people”

This is the Year of the Garden and St Tim’s nine well-tended community garden plots have been flourishing. This season, produce from two of the plots is dedicated to the Heron Emergency Food Centre. So far, we have delivered a load of potatoes, numerous bunches of turnip greens and a fine crop of beets. More root vegetables will be ready soon! Thank you to our dedicated gardeners. The community newspaper, VISTAS, will feature an article on our garden plots as well as St Thomas Community Gardens in it’s upcoming October issue

On the 31 of July, some of our families from St. Timothy’s, spent a fun day in Morrisburg. Nice fellowship was enjoyed by all & the children had a blast at the splash pad & the playground. It was a blessing to enjoy God’s beautiful creation and have this wonderful time together.

STORYTIME@ ST.TIMOTHY’S: Kneading, boating or playing, we learn by doing! Join us every Sunday at 10:00 am.
The Ex Students of Saker Baptist College Cameroon (EXSSA) Canada were celebrating their jubilee and they visited and worshipped at The St. Timothy Presbyterian church Ottawa. They sang songs and hyms in their beautiful uniforms.
Though Session does not meet during the summer, some of us gathered socially to honour Linda Walker and to thank her for all the work and time she has given to St Timothy’s for many years. She has spent endless hours  in the background,  unbeknownst to most, keeping us in motion. Our  good wishes were offered to Linda  on her continuing  journey as she makes a new home in Perth, though we will be seeing her frequently
On June the 11th, the Stewardship committee at St. Timothy’s planned a Garage Sale where people from the congregation as well as the community took part in it.
Yummy barbecue & coffee were enjoyed by all.
Big thank you to all who put the time and the effort to make this event a success.

On June 5th, Pentecost Sunday , our Youth lead the service. It was a joyful time with Bible readings, prayers and music.  During this special service, three new members, Marie, Caleb and Abul were confirmed.  Communion was led by Rev Reine. Refreshments  and fellowship after was enjoyed by all. The sound of the children’s voices excitedly calling out ‘cupcakes’ put a smile on all our faces. We are truly blessed.

A Memorial Service was held at StTims for former member Bill Kerr. Bill’s family from southern Ontario joined church members and boating friends in remembering Bill and his time with us in Ottawa.

St Timothy’s mourns the passing of long time member Doug Simpson. Doug willingly  and enthusiastically gave his time and talents to his church. He will be remembered and missed.


On Sunday April 24th, St Timothy’s celebrated its 65th Anniversary. It was a joyful and uplifting service! Three families in the congregation were invited to share how they came to be members of the church. We heard from Ruth Toller, one of our original members, the Ginting family in the middle years and the Nkunda family from the more recent years. All commented on the welcome and support they had received from our congregation. Our Sunday School children sang a lovely song and led a prayer, new babies were welcomed and uplifting music was presented by the African Chorus and the Joyful Noise. We were blessed to have Rev Feras give our sermon and Rev Reine lead the prayers. Refreshments and Fellowship in the lower hall followed along with birthday celebrations. We are truly thankful to God for all the blessings we have, for our wonderful church family, Rev Reine, our incredible minister and the joy we felt at being able to come together to celebrate in fellowship.

St Tim’s celebrated the 5th Sunday in Lent with much to be thankful for. Our children responded with enthusiasm to Rev Reine’s message. We are very happy to report that our Mission project, SEMOH, has received enough in donations to support 21 of the 50 Cameroon women we wish to help. Rev Reine presented a moving sermon, Helen and Mike performed a lovely hymn ‘Above All’. Our concluding hymn ‘This is my Father’s World’ was very appropriate.

Our church school children gave us a delightful performance about the meaning of the different items that we associate with Christmas.  The youngest identified the item and and asked questions, while the older children explained it’s meaning.  The Pageant was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Of course the children were very pleased to receive cookies after their performance.

Working with Wilson’s Independent Grocer at 2681 Alta Vista Drive, our Mission and Outreach group were able to arrange for 24 Christmas Hampers to be prepared with a turkey and other groceries to enable families to enjoy Christmas dinner. St Timothy’s had received 10 requests for the Hampers, and they were delivered by church members.  The remaining 14 Hampers were donated to Caring and Sharing, a group who would deliver them to families in need.

St Timothy’s has ordained two new Elders. Congratulations to Juliet Bosompen and Michael Powell on their ordination on December 4 and welcome to the Session of St. Timothy’s.

They will contribute greatly to our Session, each bringing her/his own personality, talents and ideas.

Juliet: Sunday School teacher both in person and on Zoom, leads Children’s Time at church and on Zoom, sings with the African Chorus, leader in the ‘Not So Young Adult Group’, member of the CE committee and Joyful Noise Team.

Mike: leads Bible Studies both in person and on Zoom, choir member, plays guitar for Joyful Noise Team, on Coffee Hour host schedule, member of Worship Committee. Juliet is a mother of two active young boys and works full time.!!!!!!

Both Juliet and Mike are a  vibrant  part of our church family.

On Sunday, November 7, St Timothy’s held our Remembrance Day service.  In Flanders Fields was read by David Gowdy.  The congregation sang O Canada and God Save Our Queen.  Members of The Joyful Noise performed new music.  Erynne McPhee, a third year university Trombone student and member of our congregation, presented a perfect rendition of Taps and Reveille.  It was a beautiful and moving service.

St Timothy’s pie makers gathered on a Saturday morning to wash, peel, slice and spice a bushel of Northern Spy apples, as well as roll pastry, into 12 large pies and 16 small pies. It was a good feeling to work together again all the while observing Covid guidelines. Although we will not have a Bazaar this year our pies are available for order and curbside pickup as part of our Bake Sale Fundraiser.

Sunday School for our younger members is now available at our in-person church services. Teachers and students are carefully following covid restrictions and enjoying being back together once again.

St Timothy’s now has regular in-person Sunday worship, as well as participants joining on zoom.  Covid regulations are being followed, temperatures taken on entry, contact information and the covid questionnaire!  A small choir, carefully distanced, joins us in singing our favorite hymns.  Special music, performed by our members is especially enjoyed by all!

On a beautiful September Sunday Laura Nkunda, baby daughter of Isaiah and Odila, was baptized by Rev Reine.  A blessed and happy event celebrated by all!

September Update: St. Timothy’s gardens continue to flourish! Tomatoes, Swiss Chard, Beans, Beets, Gladiola and many other items are ready to harvest. If you arrive at the right time, one of the hard working gardeners might give you some tasty items from the abundance that they have grown.

Some years ago, 2 garden beds (a total of 6 plots) were created in front of St Tim’s. Enthusiastic gardeners planted a variety of successful crops. This year it was decided to create a 3rd bed for a total of 9 plots. In May, the tilling and composting proceeded. Two plots are dedicated to produce that will be donated to HEFC and are cared for by church members. Now there are a great variety of plants, ongoing discussions of planting practices and enjoyment for all involved!

On Sunday, April 25th St Timothy’s celebrated our 64th Anniversary.  A special prayer was created to honour this special occasion.  The congregation was requested to light a candle at 6:40 pm and say the prayer at that time

On Sunday, April 11th we were very happy to celebrate the baptism of Ijosarah Lum Anong, daughter of members Agho Davidson Anong and Mary Nanga Che.  With Covid restrictions to enforce the event was restricted to family members, Reverend Reine and elder Michael Orock.  Brother Awesome and sisters Laviolet and Azalea were delighted for their little sister.
St Timothy’s Drive-by Children’s Church: Thank you to the members of our CE Committee who delivered Lenten packages to all the children. Packages included weekly Lenten bulletins, a faith-building project, WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) bracelets, a Valentine Card, Bible verses, and, enjoyed most of all, a Kinder Surprise! Each family also received one of Rev Reine’s delicious home-baked coconut Namoora cakes.

St Timothy’s Ambassador’s for Hope, January 2021.

The children of St Timothy’s enjoyed making Gingerbread houses

During the Dec 20 Christmas Pageant, the Christmas story was narrated by St Tim’s youth while the children re-enacted the nativity scene.

Wonderful creations from Clara showing the warmth and beauty of the Christmas season.  Best wishes for a Blessed and Joyous Christmas and a Healthy Happy New Year!


The joyous event of a Baptism took place recently at St Tim’s.  With love and praise we welcomed a baby girl into our congregation


Christmas Pageant. This year our children’s Christmas Pageant presentation will look different than it has in the past.  A huge Thank You to Nic Larouche, our Sunday School Co-Ordinator, for creating a new way to have the children participate in the Pageant.  Families were invited to bring their children to the church, at hourly intervals, and help dress them for the role they had been assigned to play.  Nic then took individual pictures which will be used in the service on Sunday, December 20th.  The children were excited to be back in the church again and enjoyed dressing up and participating in the picture taking.  A wonderful, creative idea that allows us to work within the restriction that Covid has presented.


On Sunday, November 5th, St Tim’s Youth presented the service ‘Fruit of the Spirit

On Sunday November 8th, a special Remembrance Service was observed at St Tim’s. David Gowdy, retired Colonel in the Canadian Forces Medical Services, recited In Flanders Fields.  The congregation participated from home by standing to Honour and Remember the ultimate sacrifice of so many.  A minute of Silence with the Last Post and Rouse was followed by a Prayer of Remembrance from Reverend Reine.  Andrew Young, A/S LT Young (Acting Sub-Lieutenant), stationed in Esquimalt BC with the Royal Canadian Navy participated, via Zoom, to read the Bible Verses.  After the service Reverend Reine invited all those connected on Zoom to a time of fellowship.

Plenty of Potatoes

St Tim’s Community Garden is flourishing well! The garden plot dedicated to Heron Emergency Food Centre produced plenty of potatoes. The Executive Coordinator at HEFC has shared with us that the clients are touched by the thought that “people are thinking of them” and are willing to grow vegetables for them.

At this time, Covid 19 is restricting many of the things that we are able to do, however our community gardens are bursting with life.  All of the plants are producing a large variety of produce, some of which will go to the Heron Road Emergency Food Centre in the fall.  We are very blessed and thankful for such an abundant harvest

In preparation for the eventual reopening of St Tim’s, and in keeping with Covid 19 restrictions, all Hymn Books, Psalters and Bibles have been removed from the pews and choir chairs and covered with  plastic cloth. They have been left on the pews that are not to be occupied, in keeping with physical distancing guidelines, and taped off to restrict access. We all look forward to our safe return to church and will provide notice when that can happen


St Timothy’s community gardens are beginning to show the many variety’s of vegetables that have been planted.  This year the City of Ottawa required new regulations that that had to be followed for community gardens to open.  Our sign indicates that we are observing the new rules.

Today, at St Tim’s Friday morning on-line Covid Cafe Connection,  Rev Reine showed us how to make feta cheese. She did it from her kitchen with the help of 5 year old Michelle, and made it look really easy!  It was a lovely time of fellowship and enjoyed by all.  Tune in next week to see if another cooking display will take place


During this time of physical distancing our congregation members are finding ways to enjoy their time.  Kezzy and Keren are doing very creative school work;  Rev Reine is helping Michelle with her lessons; Ernie is building things for the garden; Barb and Marcel are going for car rides; David is making dinner rolls and John is working, or gaming, or both!

‘Driving to St. Timothy’s is what I usually do. Places such as the church I minister and love are part of my heart. However, driving last Monday to the church was very odd , knowing that no one is going to be present. Arriving there I realized that each corner at St. Timothy’s has a story to remember & thank God for.  I realized this place is meaningful because of you as you are the church, we are the church together.

I said a little prayer and thanked God for you all.  Yes , it was very strange to be at St. Timothy’s looking for you, to see your beautiful faces and hear your joyful voices and not seeing you.  Yet, one day soon we will meet again, we will fill the pews and raise our prayers to God at our beloved church, the kids’ voices and them running everywhere will be our joy.  One day soon, we will enjoy looking at the flowers outside and will be sitting under the tree while having yummy barbecue and nice fellowship time.

One day soon, we will plant our garden and eat its blessings and fruits.  One day soon, The parking lot will be filled with our cars and we will be all worshiping God in one spirit.  One day soon, The kitchen , the cafe , the Sunday school rooms, the choir room, the meeting rooms …. all will be back busy and glorifying God .🙏💒

One day soon, we will see each other, hug each other & tell how each one was missed.  Till that day comes.. let’s stay home, stay safe & pray for each other

The Lord is my light and my salvation.  Whom shall I fear?  Our candles spread Christ’s light to give us hope in these unusual times.

After the Black History service everyone enjoyed a feast of traditional dishes which were provided by our African members.  The Main Hall was full of people sharing their enthusiasm for the food and the service.  We are so very fortunate to have such a wonderful group at St Tim’s and appreciate all they do for our congregation


Our African congregation presented a wonderful service to commemorate Black History month.  The African Chorus led a procession into the Sanctuary and joined the congregation in worship with songs and prayers.  His Excellency, Solomon Azoh-Mbi, the High Commissioner of The Republic of Cameroon, shown with Reverend Reine, presented the sermon.  Everyone enjoyed the joyful music and meaningful messages.

A couple more pictures, caption to read ‘Birthday celebrations and smiling faces at Cafe Connections

A wonderful chili luncheon was served by St Tim’s youth to the congregation after our Sunday service.  All donations will be forwarded to the Heron Road Food Bank

The beautiful voices of our choir performing the ‘Following Jesus Medley’ in memory of a former choir member

What do you do at lunch?  Our Junior Youth have a competition to see who can build the tallest free-standing tower using marshmallows, fettuccine, pipe cleaners, newspaper and masking tape. Sounds like fun!

Thank You! to Kay Saunders our very capable Office Administrator.  We wish Kay and her family all the very best as they begin a new chapter in their lives

Delicious and beautifully decorated cupcakes, that had been created by our Youth, were available for sale after church.  All money raised went towards the church’s general funds.  Thank you to our creative and talented young bakers.

Our family welcomes yours to our special service.  Many families in our congregation participated and shared the message on this special Sunday
On Friday mornings everyone is enjoying happy conversation and refreshments at Cafe Connections.  On Monday afternoons our Crafting Group also enjoy happy conversation while their busy fingers create lovely works of art.
Christian Fellowship: Junior Youth enjoying mac&cheese lunch and a game of Monopoly
An exciting Fun Day was held for St Tim’s youth in early December.  Every available space was taken for the junior chefs to create and decorate Christmas cookies.  While they were baking, some rousing games of Red Light, Green Light; Duck, Duck, Goose, along with several others, were played.  It was a fun filled two hours of enjoyment for our younger members
Our youth presented a wonderful Christmas Pageant at our service on Sunday December 22nd.  Readings of the Christmas story, along with the re-enactment of the events, were enjoyed by all members of the congregation.  Thank you to our young members for a beautiful presentation
On the second Sunday of the month our enthusiastic African Chorus performs wonderful African Spirituals for the congregation during our worship service
Enjoying Cafe Connections.  Every Friday from 9:30 to 11:30.
Our Family Service on November 24th, was lead by many of our St Tim’s families. Rev Feras Chamas, husband of our minister Rev Reine Boghos, presented the sermon.  It was a wonderful service, followed by a light lunch and refreshments in the Main Hall
Members of the congregation gathered to prepare Elsa’s Lentil Soup to be served at the Family Sunday Service.  Elsa, Rev Reine’s sister, would make this soup for their family.  Our youth served the soup and it was thoroughly enjoyed by our congregation family
Operation Christmas Child:During the Nov Fun Day, St Tim’s children filled 10 shoe boxes with toys, school and art supplies and toiletries for children in need. Five boys and 5 girls receiving these gifts will also hear of the Good News of Jesus Christ. For more information about Operation Christmas Child visit the Samaritan’s Purse Fun Day is Dec 7, 3pm.
Preparing the Bulletin Boards for the Christmas Season
The Joyful Noise Team, a self directed team of singers and musicians, performing a wonderful hymn at Sunday’s service
Our minister, Rev. Reine Boghos with Rev. Floyd McPhee, our previous minister, enjoying the church bazaar
St Tim’s annual Candy Cane Bazaar was held on November 16th.  Many hands worked to make sure everything was ready when the doors opened.  Ernie, our chef, along with many helpers, prepared a delicious Turkey a la King luncheon that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
Enthusiastic bakers preparing apple pies for our Christmas Bazaar.
Our Fall Fellowship Luncheon took place on a lovely fall day.  We sang our favorite hymns, celebrated Communion, ate a delicious lunch and enjoyed the fellowship of many friends around us.
On Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings our sanctuary is filled with the beautiful sound of organ music played by Gwen Bergman
St Timothy’s is very fortunate to have our own African Choir made up of church members.  They provide wonderful music during church services on a regular basis
For several weeks our Youth collected donations for their walk to support Heron Emergency Food Centre.  On a sunny, but chilly Sunday they bundled up and enthusiastically completed a 4 km walk.  They were able to raise nearly $400 for the Food Centre.  Our thanks to them and the adults who accompanied them!
Conversation and laughter flowed at the recent Friday morning Cafe Connection gathering
Rev. Reine talking about Communion during Children’s Time at our worship service
Wonderful crop of potatoes harvested from church garden in support of Heron Emergency Food Centre.
Come join us for Cafe Connections every Friday from 9:30 to 11:30.  Coffee, refreshments, conversation and love.
After baking and decorating dozens of cupcakes our Youth had them for sale to an appreciative congregation during coffee hour after church.  They raised $120 which will be donated to the re-flooring fund
School Kits for Kids
Money raised by St Tim’s provided school supplies for children in DR Congo. This in turn allowed impoverished families of these students to invest the money saved into income generating ventures thus benefiting the entire family. The project brought the needs of these schools to the attention of the DR Congo government who has since committed to rebuilding the schools. As quoted by a parent: “It is small streams that fill the ocean.” Like the fishes and the loaves story in the Gospel, God turns one small act of kindness towards a few and turns it into a blessing for many!

Fun Day: Kids having fun baking cupcakes and playing Fruit of the Spirit Bingo Game!

The Great Egg Challenge! During the Pizza & Devotions meeting, senior youth competed in The Great Egg Challenge! The challenge was to create an “egg carton” that would protect an egg dropped from a height of 6 feet. Both eggs cracked!😢So it was a tie☺

Vegetables harvested from St Tim’s church garden to be donated to Heron Emergency Food Centre

A beautiful anthem performed by St Tim’s choir

Our Welcome Back BBQ was held on Sunday September 15 on a cool, but sunny fall day.  The lineup for hot dogs and hamburgers was long, but everyone enjoyed them tremendously!  Lots of happy faces and good fellowship

Cafe Connections will be a weekly Friday morning gathering from 9:30 to 11:30 over coffee or tea as an opportunity for people from the community and the congregation to gather in fellowship. Our motto is “A little bit of coffee & a lot of love”.  The room was abuzz with conversation at our first event on Friday, September 13th.  Be sure to drop in and enjoy meeting new friends and being part of the conversation

From little seeds planted by our youth in the spring, St Tim’s gardens have produced amazing crops.  Some of our gardens belong to congregation members and some have been planted to provide vegetables for the Heron Road Food Bank.

On warm sunny Sundays St. Tim’s enjoys worship service with Reverend Reine Boghos and Fellowship with refreshments on the lawn.

‘After many years of dedicated service to St Timothy’s as our Office Administrator, in addition to many other roles, Norah Heggie will be leaving that position. We wish Norah the very best and offer our sincere thanks for her devotion to St Tims.

On a beautiful sunny afternoon, after the youth service on June 9th, the congregation enjoyed a delicious BBQ.  Our two BBQ chefs were kept busy filling orders for hot dogs and hamburgers.  There was plenty to eat and everyone enjoyed fellowship on the lawn

Our special speaker on Sunday, May 26 was Rob Robertson, Convener of PWS&D Committee and an Elder at St. Andrew’s Ottawa.  He provided thought provoking information on the work done by PWS&D, and outlined how even a small donation can be used to achieve life altering results.  We are all encouraged to contribute to their Loaves&Fishes Fund which can be found on their website.  Special Music for the service was performed by Helen Otimbili.

St Timothy’s E-Waste collection, two bins completely full of electronic waste and clothing!  Thanks to the volunteers and doners.

Our recent Youth Fun Day involved food, balloons, duct tape and cups.  Resurrection rolls, crescent rolls stuffed with cinnamon and sugar coated marshmallows, were a big hit.

Our 62nd Anniversary celebration continued with cake, ice cream and fellowship.  Our Musical Director, Louise Thompson, is shown with one of our early members, Ruth Toller.  Ruth wrote St. Timothy’s Anniversary Hymn which we sing for every Anniversary service.  Rod MacLennan shared pictures of the early days at St. Tim’s.  A warm Thank You to all who made our service so special and shared memories with the congregation.

St Timothy’s celebrates their 62nd Anniversary with our worship service led by our special guest Ian Shugart, Clerk of the Privy Council.  We also enjoyed wonderful musical accompaniment provided by the Polished Brass Quintet

Easter Fellowship Luncheon, a time to sing our favorite hymns, participate in Communion and enjoy some good food and fellowship.

Celebrating the joy of the Easter season.  Christ has risen, Alleluia!

On Sunday February 17th The African Chorus of St Timothy’s held a wonderful, joyful service to worship God, with an African touch, and to celebrate Black History Month. After the service everyone was invited to get together in the church hall for a taste of exotic cuisine from the native countries of members of the Chorus. It was a celebration enjoyed by all!

St Timothy’s Youth Mission Project, in support of Heron Emergency Food Centre, was a chili lunch on February 10, immediately following the worship service.  The congregation enjoyed a delicious lunch, which included desert, served with enthusiasm by our youth.  The ‘free will offering’ received generous donations which will be given to the Food Centre.  Congratulations to our youth for creating this project to help those in need.

St. Timothy’s congregation are very pleased to welcome Reverend Reine Boghos as our new minister.  On Sunday, January 6, 2019, Reine’s induction took place at St. Timothy’s and was followed by a reception.

Birthday Celebrations for all those with Birthdays in October, November and December

St Tim’s Youth perform the Christmas Pageant for the congregation on Sunday December 23rd

St Timothy’s youth preparing for the Christmas Pageant

St Tim’s Annual Christmas Bazaar. Something for everyone!

The October Fellowship Luncheon was a time to enjoy conversation, a favorite hymn sing, Communion and good food.

Birthday celebrations were enjoyed by all!

The Valley Men’s Choir performed a wonderful concert for an appreciative
audience on Saturday, September 30th.

On a cool Sunday, September 9th we enjoyed our ‘Welcome Back BBQ

Beautiful hot sunny weather, lots of food, fun and games created a wonderful
day to celebrate at St Tim’s August 4th Family BBQ.

On Sunday, July 29th the congregation of St. Timothy’s bid a Fond Farewell to
Reverend Floyd and Claire McPhee.  Reverend Floyd has been our Minister for the
past 4 years and, during that time, the congregation have been very appreciative
of all that he and Claire have done for us.  We wish them all the best in their
new endeavors

Our second celebration of ‘Taste of Africa’ on Saturday July 14th was a wonderful presentation of music and fashion.  St Timothy’s African Chorus treated all present to an evening of enthusiastic entertainment followed by a feast of delicious food.   It was enjoyed immensely by all.

St Timothy’s slate roof repairs begin, a big machine for a big project!

On Sunday, June 17th, St Tim’s congregation gathered to celebrate and express
their deep appreciation to Rev. Dr. Floyd McPhee and Claire McPhee for their
support and guidance during the past 4 years.  A pot luck luncheon was followed
by speeches, entertainment and a gift from the congregation.

On Sunday, June 10 our church service was lead by St Tim’s Youth with the
support of Nic Larouche, Church School Coordinator. The service was well
presented with many readings and song and thoroughly enjoyed by the congregation.

Our Spring Fellowship Luncheon was held on Tuesday, May 15th in the GoForth room at St Tim’s.  It was a time to sing our favorite hymns followed by worship with communion.  We enjoyed a lovely lunch and fellowship.  A wonderful event enjoyed by all!

On Sunday, April 29th, a joyous celebration was held to celebrate St Tim’s 61st Anniversary.  Audrey Phillips, one of our founding members, was recognized for her contribution to the creation of St Timothy’s.  Reverend Grant Wilson acted as guest minister on this special occasion.  The African Chorus provided lively musical entertainment.  We were also joined by guest musicians, ‘The Polished Brass Quintet’ who accompanied the hymns as well as presenting some special pieces of their own.  George McCully, who has been our Roll Clerk for many years, was recognized for his years of service.  After the service, the congregation and visitors enjoyed a time of fellowship along with cake and apple crisp.

St Tim’s youth creating the Easter Garden

Celebrating those with January, February and March Birthdays

On Friday, March 2, 2018, St Timothy’s Afternoon Circle hosted the World Day of
Prayer. This years theme was All of God’s Creation is Very Good! and featured
the country Suriname.   The celebration worship service was created by the women
of Suriname.  Salvation Army Pastor, Deanna Verhey, who worked in Suriname, was
guest speaker and provided insights about the people and the country. The
reception following the worship service provided opportunities to experience
Suriname culture through food and displays

BLACK HISTORY WORSHIP SERVICE:  On Sunday, February 18th, St Timothy’s African
Chorus presented a joyful service celebrating Black History.  After the worship
service there was a get-together in the church hall featuring exotic cuisine
from the native countries of members of the African Chorus.  It was an event
enjoyed fully by all congregation members and visitors

On Sunday February 11th our youth served a chili lunch to the congregation
after our regular church service.  The free will offering raised $354.80 which
will be donated to the Heron Emergency  Food Centre.  Combined with the
walk-a-thon held last October, the youth have now raised $695.  This goes a long
way to providing a nutritious 3-day emergency supply of food to our neighbours
with food insecurities

The Junior Youth Group making cupcakes to sell the next
day at Coffee Hour after church.  They raised a total of $197 to be donated to
the Slate Roof Fund.  Congratulations to all the bakers!

Our Celebration with Congregation Members who have Birthdays in October,
November and December

St. Timothy’s Youth present the Christmas Pageant

St Timothy’s 9th Annual Christmas Concert, Sunday, December 3rd.  Wonderful Christmas music performed by a variety of local artists and Carols sung by all.

St. Timothy’s youth preparing for the Christmas Pageant to be held on Sunday, December 17th during our worship service.

‘St Timothy’s Candy Cane Bazaar Saturday, November 18.  Wonderful Baking and Deli, Hand made Crafts,  Treasures, Special African Table, Silent Auction and a Delicious Turkey a la King Luncheon’


 Candy Cane Bazaar

Our 60th Anniversary Celebration and Potluck was held on Saturday, October
28th.  Good food and Fellowship followed by a lively Auction.



A successful E Waste and Used Clothing Collection held on October 15 and 16, 2017



Congratulations to our Youth who raised $600 for the Heron Emergency Food Centre on their Youth Mission Walk-a-Thon, October 15, 2017.


St Tim’s was rocking on Sunday afternoon to the music of E.H. Gospel Sound. Wonderful concert!

St Timothy’s community gardens, tilled and ready for the first planting.  Members of the congregation have taken over all of the plots except for one.  The last plot will be planted with vegetables that will be donated to the Heron Food Bank


God’s bounty from St Tim’s Garden to Heron Emergency Food Centre
Donated so far: 80 Cucumbers, 26 Bunches of chard, 12 Peppers, 6 Cabbages, 31 Tomatoes, 15 Carrots.Praying for more warmth so more veggies can ripen